Recent News

May. 2023, our paper “Pose-aware Attention Network for Flexible Motion Retargeting by Body Part” has been accepted for IEEE TVCG

July.2022, our paper “Learning Uncoupled-Modulation CVAE for 3D Action-Conditioned Human Motion Synthesis” has been accepted for ECCV 2022.

March. 2022, our paper “Spatial-Temporal Gating-Adjacency GCN for Human Motion Prediction” has been accepted for CVPR 2022.

March. 2022, I win the “Style3D Graduate Fellowship”(10 persons per year) and make a presentation in Hangzhou, China.

April. 2021, our paper “Sequential 3D Human Pose Estimation Using Adaptive Point Cloud Sampling Strategy” has been accepted for presentation at IJCAI 2021 (13.9% acceptance rate).

March. 2021, our paper “Weakly Supervised Adversarial Learning for 3D Human Pose Estimation from Point Clouds” has been accepted for IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.